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Access the latest analyst ratings, corporate events, earnings data, insider trades, news, price performance, and SEC filings for your stocks with My MarketBeat, our online portfolio monitoring tool.

Premium Newsletters

Your subscription includes our premium daily newsletter, MarketBeat Daily Premium. Plus, get our Sunday market preview that provides a look at market news and events in the coming week.

Top-Rated Stocks

Get the latest "buy" and "sell" ratings from Wall Street's best-performing, most-accurate, and top-rated research analysts. View the highest-rated stocks and stocks with multiple analyst upgrades.

Trending Stocks

Wondering about the next big trend on Wall Street? MarketBeat's trending stock tools monitor social media chatter in real-time to help identify hot stocks before you hear about them on the news.

Live News Feed

Access our real-time news feed that includes the latest headlines, analyst recommendations, earnings reports, dividend declarations, insider transactions throughout the day. Monitor the entire market, or just the stocks that matter to you the most.

Email and SMS Alerts

Want to stay up to date with your portfolio? Use MarketBeat's highly customizable alerts service to get real-time price performance and breaking news alerts for your stocks delivered via email or SMS.

Stock Screeners

Find public companies that meet any criteria that you specify. Whether you’re looking for the best dividend stocks, electric vehicle stocks, or cryptocurrency plays, our screeners can help you sift through the market to find the best companies that match your investment thesis.

Proprietary Reports

Our team of analysts will keep you up to date on emerging industries and market trends with periodic research reports that are only available to MarketBeat All Access subscribers.

  • Momentum Alerts
  • The Idea Engine
  • Short Trading Ideas
  • Earnings Calls and Transcripts
  • Dividend Stock Ideas
  • Performance Ratings for Wall Street Analysts
  • 1 Million+ Historical Analyst Ratings and Price Targets
  • Sector Performance Maps
  • Stock and ETF Screeners
  • Stock Comparison Tools
  • Media Sentiment Analysis Tools
  • Extended CSV/Excel Data Export Tools
  • Priority Newsletter Delivery
  • Premium Customer Support
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“MarketBeat All Access is a treasure trove! Everything I needed for my trading/ investing decisions is all in one site. I can see a lot of hard work went into this. Kudos to the entire team. All I can say is this is a keeper!”

— Wilfred N.

“Best stock market resource I have used in the last 5 or 6 years. Timely, quality, thorough… A great value.”

— Phil S.

“ delivers everything they claim and more. They are one of only three financial services that I not only trust but rely on when I am researching which stocks to buy, sell, or consider. The set up of their site is second to none. If you want to be making the best informed decisions when it comes to your financial portfolio then Marketbeat is a must have.”

— Brenton M.

“Market Beat provides a very valuable service. They provide the information very quickly, every single day. They are a very valuable part of my stock analysis. I use them daily. Thanks MarketBeat.”

— Stacey

“MarketBeat offers astute analysis of stocks and how they relate to the market as a whole. Their reports are concise and to the point. The investor never gets bogged down in useless "word pollution." I also appreciate that in an industry addicted to brainless, noisy drum-beating, MarketBeat stands out as highly ethical, subjecting stocks and the broader market to the cold hard light of meticulous research. This allows me a high degree of confidence in their recommendations.”

— Dorothy L.

“I appreciate the value of my Market Beat subscription, in making investment decisions and monitoring my holdings. The live news updates and price alerts are especially helpful resources. I subscribe to other services as well but with Market Beat, insider trades, unusual options activity, earnings call schedules, and more, are all found easily on this one site. Incidentally, I had a question which was promptly and satisfactorily addressed. I highly recommend Market Beat.”

— Anthony S.

“I have used numerous investment tools over the last 10 years to manage my self-directed IRA. I have been using Market Beat for the last 6 months and it is without debt the best tool I have ever used. All stock information and ratings are at your fingertips. Since using MarketBeat I feel much more confident in the investment decisions I make. Kudos to them and their staff.”

— Ron B.

“I have invested in stocks for several decades, but in the last few years I've greatly increased the numbers of stocks I hold in my portfolio. is one of my most important stock research tools, and their website helps me track the stocks I own and those I am thinking of buying. So much info packed into their site, I highly recommend it!”

— Janet D.

“MarketBeat is a valuable resource, providing a myriad of actionable data for managing my trading. I utilize my watchlist with e-mail and text alerts to monitor and time my trades. MarketBeat's IPO and other financial calendars, and reports such as unusual options activity, help make a significant contribution to my trading success. Their Live Financial News Feed notifies me of events that may impact my securities. With MarketBeat's detailed company reports, I obtain multiple websites-worth of information consolidated in one place, which greatly facilitates my trading. MarketBeat's customer service staff responds to my inquiries and requests promptly.”

— Atoffo

“I like the concise information on a daily basis on upgrades, downgrades, earnings. I am not using the tools they provide to my advantage, but eventually I will. By having the news updates it gives me more confidence in stock recommendations to my clients. I have gotten some good stock ideas from the information they provide. Also, with all the info they provide, my clients feel that I try to stay on top of this ever changing market. It's very efficient in the way the info is presented. It makes me look smarter than I am!”

— Larry B.
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our Unconditional, No-Questions-Asked 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re so absolutely sure that you will find great value in MarketBeat All Access that we offer an unconditional, NO-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee. If you are in any way unsatisfied with MarketBeat All Access during the first 30 days of your service, we’ll provide you a full refund, no questions asked.

Try it out– you have nothing to lose.

What is MarketBeat All Access?

MarketBeat All Access is our premier research platform that includes our premium daily newsletter, portfolio monitoring tools, email and SMS alerts, stock screeners, research tools, real-time news feed, proprietary analyst rankings, trending stock lists, extended data export, tools and much more. All Access subscribers also receive proprietary research reports, premium customer support, and early delivery of their daily newsletter.

What’s included in MarketBeat All Access that’s not included with MarketBeat's free newsletter?

In addition to receiving MarketBeat's daily newsletter, My MarketBeat, and email and SMS alerts, you will receive access to our full suite of research tools and stock screeners, our live news feed, proprietary recommendations from MarketBeat’s Idea Engine and a variety of premium reports. You will also receive additional benefits, including extended data export, premium customer support, no ads on, and priority delivery of your morning newsletter.

How much does MarketBeat All Access cost?

Subscriptions to MarketBeat All Access cost $39.97 for a one-month subscription or $399.00 for a one-year subscription.

What countries does MarketBeat cover?

MarketBeat All Access includes analyst recommendations for all major U.S., U.K., and Canadian stocks. Please note that Canadian stock ratings are currently only available in the afternoon edition of our newsletter. U.K. and U.S. ratings are available in the morning and afternoon editions of the newsletter. MarketBeat also covers earnings, dividends, insider trades and news headlines for U.S., U.K., and Canadian companies.

How do MarketBeat's breaking news alerts work?

MarketBeat All Access enables you to create a watchlist of stocks that you want to receive additional information about in your daily newsletter and on My MarketBeat. Your account will have a toggle that enables you to choose to receive email or SMS alerts for each stock on your watchlist. When MarketBeat is made aware of important breaking news for a stock that you're following, you will receive a brief email or SMS message with the relevant information and a link to read more. MarketBeat sends breaking news alerts for new analyst recommendations, dividend declarations, earnings announcements, changes in corporate guidance, insider trading activity, significant price changes, unusual options activity, and breaking news headlines. Our alerts are fully customizable to meet your specific information needs.

What is the MarketBeat Idea Engine?

MarketBeat’s Idea Engine uses more than two dozen algorithmic factors and technical indicators to identify stocks that are poised for near-term growth. Some events that may place a stock on the Idea Engine list include beating earnings estimates, increasing a dividend, multiple positive analyst recommendations, announcing a buyback or a stock split, or a significant increase in the positivity of news about a stock. New recommendations are posted every Monday morning. Remember that stock ideas listed in the MarketBeat Idea Engine are just that - ideas. You should not purchase a stock or any other security without doing your own research and consulting a qualified financial professional.

What types of stock screeners are included with MarketBeat All Access?

MarketBeat All Access comes with a fundamental and technical stock screener and a full-featured ETF screener. In addition, you will get access to search tools that allow you to scan MarketBeat's proprietary databases of analyst recommendations, dividend announcements, earnings announcements, and insider transactions.

When does the premium newsletter get delivered to MarketBeat All Access subscribers?

The morning newsletter is delivered at 8:50 AM Eastern (5:50 AM Pacific) to MarketBeat All Access subscribers, a full 40 minutes before the market opens. The afternoon newsletter, which contains updated headlines and mid-day ratings changes, is delivered at 4:30 PM Eastern (12:30 PM Pacific).

How are MarketBeat's broker accuracy and performance ratings calculated?

MarketBeat uses the average return on investment of a research firm's "buy" and "strong buy" recommendations over the last five years to determine a firm's rating. The firms with the best-performing recommendations receive a five-star rating. Firms that have issued fewer than ten tracked research notes in the last five years will not be ranked.

Where does MarketBeat get its ratings data?

MarketBeat makes use of more than thirty different data sources to compile its ratings database. Many brokers report their ratings to MarketBeat directly. MarketBeat also tracks equities research notes using various private data feeds and public media mentions. MarketBeat keeps track of more than 175,000 ratings changes each year and offers the most comprehensive database of analyst ratings and recommendations on the web.

How quickly are ratings available in MarketBeat All Access after they're released?

The gap of time between when a research note is published and when it's broadly available online can vary significantly depending on which service is reporting on it. Because MarketBeat makes use of dozens of data sources for analyst recommendations, MarketBeat can generally report on ratings before they are broadly recognized by the market and before they are widely reported in the financial news media.

Can I export the data in MarketBeat All Access to Excel or CSV format?

Yes. As a MarketBeat All Access subscriber, you are permitted to download the most recent 6 months of analysts' ratings changes, earnings announcements, dividends, and insider trades. These datasets are made available as CSV and Excel files, which you can use for your own research purposes. Please note that you may not re-publish data from without written permission.

What payment methods are accepted by

You can pay for your subscription using your debit or credit card through our merchant provider (Stripe). MarketBeat accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. You can also sign up for a subscription using PayPal. MarketBeat does not accept payments via cash or check.

What is the refund policy for MarketBeat All Access?

If you are in any way unsatisfied with MarketBeat All Access during the first 30 days of your service, we'll provide you with a full refund, no questions asked.

I have a question about MarketBeat All Access.

If you have any questions about MarketBeat All Access, don't hesitate to send our U.S. based support team an email at or leave us a voicemail at (844) 978-6257.

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